About Terry


The Colorful Truth

 On a sultry Georgia day in the summer of 1961 a  four year old girl did something that would forever carve a channel into the riverbed of her life.  She filled an old cigar box with as many crayons as she could find and strode to the back of the family property where there was a white clapboard shed which was owned by the county.  Braving granddaddy long legs and slithery things, the little girl waded through knee high purple tinged sweet grass to the back of the shed.  In her mind’s eye instead of a shed, she saw a fine white canvas laid out before her and for the first time in her life she lost herself for hours in color and design… that is, until her mother discovered her endless scrolling display of Crayola.  It was then she knew her passion and to this day she has followed that passion of coloring her world …her way!



Her Medium

When creating a mural Terry uses acrylics and latex paints. But Terry offers a wide variety of styles.  Your mural can be painted to your specifications and desires.   If you want your company logo to stand out on a wall or building Terry can paint your personal design on almost any surface... or she can create a design for you.



Her Inspiration

Life is Terry's inspiration.  The details that she notices in everyday things play a part in her paintings.

She is intuitive and brings her clients’ visions to reality with her paint and talent.  She enjoys working with imaginative and creative clients who understand that hand painted murals bring spirit into their space.  All of her hand painted murals are originally designed.  She will decorate your walls or ceilings in your office, retail space, lobby, church, school, library or corporate spaces. She will custom design for your budget… Call her today for a free estimate!