So you want to hire Terry to paint a mural, now what?

The Process

The Preparation:Terry comes to the job location and takes plenty of photos and measurements and listens to your wish list, making notes all the while.  She will discuss them, color scheme, design ideas, limitations, deadlines, budget, personal preferences and the many creative possibilities and interpretations with you.  Back in her studio she uses the photos she took and a program called Sketchbook Pro to render most murals.  Sometimes Terry will do a colored pencil sketch or a watercolor to complete the rendering. A watermark is a kind reminder to you that until you sign a contract, the artwork of the rendering is her property and not to be used, copied or reproduced in any way without the expressed permission of Terry Allen.
The Pricing:Murals are priced per project. Some customers want a high level of detail while others want a looser more artistic feel to the work… while still others want a more impressionistic feel to the piece or a simple children’s mural. Terry's price for a mural starts at $10 per square foot and goes up to $50 per square foot.  If a reasonable budget is known beforehand Terry can work within that framework.  She offers various ideas and customers are able to choose based on what they feel comfortable spending. There is usually a 10% deposit required before the work begins and thebalance is due on the day of completion.  Murals the square foot and level of detail or complexity requested by the client.  The cost of materials and labor are included in the final price of the mural. As the mural progresses toward the end and the final touches are being applied, Terry will spend several hours looking over everything and making everything just right.  She encourages her clients to let her know if there is anything she has overlooked.  The last day is always bittersweet … the end of one painting and on to the next!  When the mural is complete, the remaining balance is due.

  • The methods of payment Terry accepts are cash, check or credit card.  If you wish to use your Visa, AMEX, or MasterCard there is a 3.3% fee added to the total.

The Mural Process
Step One: The Research

  • To create a mural that reflects her client, Terry needs to know about the company.
  • She looks at the company and how the place for the mural will work compositionally with the environment.  
  •  She communicates with the client to get a sense of what is important to them.
  • She researches the overtones of the design and how it will integrate with the company’s branding.  

Step Two: The Design

  • When designing the mural Terry keeps a few points in mind.
  • How will the mural be viewed?  Will it be seen from the side or straight on?  How will it look from each perspective?
  • How would she incorporate your design so it can be seen by a car moving at 50 mph if need be?
  • The scale of the objects in your design must be taken into account.  What should be seen from far away, and what can be seen up close?
  • After the conceptual design is made, Terry verbally and visually presents her design to her clients.  Terry may adjust the design based on any feedback from the client.
  • After the design is finalized, Terry can now begin the actual mural. 

Step Three:  The Painting

  • After transferring the image onto the wall in pencil, Terry then begins the underpainting. The underpainting consists of large blocks of color over which she will paint more detail later. Depending on the colors in the image, she can use interior household latex or acrylic paint for large areas of color and most of the time the latex/ acrylic paint is used to paint the detailed areas as well.  Terry always uses a quality satin paint to work her paintings.  After the painting is completed and at least 24 hours has past the sealing process begins. Terry discusses this step with each of her clients individually.