Dr. Marianne Lescher at Kyrene Traditional Academy

Our library needed some life and color and personality!  I knew I wanted to have some murals painted and I knew I wanted the murals to not only reflect our school’s personality but to also reflect the wonderful world of books, and the adventures for every child that lies in each book!!!  As I looked and researched muralists, I happened to see an article in a local paper about Terry’s work in another school and I was hooked!!  Her mural was incredible and the same spirit that I was looking for!  I quickly contacted the principal and he gave me contact info for Terry.  After meeting with Terry, and discussing our vision for the library, she came up with amazing sketches and proof ideas… they were incredible!  I knew that Terry would be able to give our library walls the spark and personality I was looking for and in meeting with Terry, she understood and shared our vision.  Our students and staff decided to vote on the characters we wanted for the library and upon giving them to Terry, she very quickly designed and imagined and sketched characters and settings that all worked together for a unified vision while also reflecting the unique personality of our school!!!  We embarked on the process with Terry and she executed the designs and painting in an extremely professional, neat and efficient manner.  Watching her work is also an amazing experience as well!   The students were able to watch some of her designs emerge and were literally transfixed  each day…wondering how our library would evolve and transform!!  Every aspect of the process was fun, exciting, professional, neat and …. the murals have tranformed our school.  Everyday we walk by the gorgeous designs and we smile!  We are very grateful to Terry and we look forward to working with her on additional projects in the future!  We consider Terry part of our KTA family!!!


Tot Spot Business Owner, Shannon Powell

I was first introduced to Terry's work by viewing it on the windows of a restaurant in our shopping center. I was immediately impressed with the high quality of the work. Because I own a preschool, I was looking for an artist that could complete colorful, eye catching artwork at our school. I have now been using Terry exclusively for several years. She completes several projects each year inside and outside of our school. Terry is always so fun to work with!  As I present my ideas, she easily and enthusiastically builds upon the ideas and the completed project ALWAYS exceeds my expectations. Besides her amazing artistic talents, she is dependable and efficient. Her work is always precise, colorful and affordable. I would highly recommend Terry for any mural work that you are in need of. You will not be disappointed!



Tom’s BBQ Owner, Rick Pawlak

Is anyone out there looking for murals, window painting or some creative artwork?  Consider yourself lucky that you have found Terry!  I have known Terry for over twenty years.  Her creative ability matched with quality work and materials exceeds anyone out there.
In many situations I have given Terry an idea and soon after she has developed a creation of exactly what I was thinking.  There times she revised my ideas until we got the perfect artwork.  Terry is not satisfied until you are completely satisfied.
Her quality of work is outstanding!  
I’m sure once you see Terry’s work you will be convinced.  The one thing you can’t see from her work is what a kind, caring wonderful person she is.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will get more than a great piece of art.  You will be blessed to have met one of the kindest people on the face of the earth.

 Rick Pawlak


Former Head Librarian at Cortina Elementary School, Julie Wagner

I met Terry in line at Starbucks one morning before Christmas.  She had on an apron covered with beautiful color that appeared to me to be from a holiday window painter.  So I had to ask her if my guess was correct.  We got to chatting in line and she said she did mural painting.  I have always wanted a mural in my school library.  I arranged for her to come by and talk abut my ideas and have her work up an estimate.  I showed her a book that was my inspiration.  She drew up her ideas and we worked to earn the funds to pay for the mural!  We had 2 other artists give us an estimate as well.  Terry had the best rate and the most detailed drawings.  Terry was flexible and so easy and fun to work with.  She was very reliable and detailed with her expectations and ideas.