Terry Allen, Az Muralist with Mural at Rock Point Community Church

Murals for commercial and retail spaces are a great marketing tool to reinforce branding, attract customers and stand out from the competition. Terry offers options from simple lettering or logos to large scale elaborate murals. She can reproduce designs you have already created or work with you to create something new. Finely rendered artwork in your business engages customers and motivates employees.  

Murals are a unique and affordable way to add a bit of personality to your business. There are many benefits to adding wall murals to your business. 

Sign Painting

Varsity font for school wall signage

Terry can do all sorts of signage for you.  The beauty of a true hand painted sign is that it has personality and will last years longer than the vinyl products that are available today.  Terry can paint on nearly every surface  you can throw at her... Block, wood, sheetrock, Masonite, and many more!

Window Painting

Window painting by Az Muralist
Summer Special

Terry started out in 1990 painting windows.  She still paints window for advertising and holidays.  This is definitely a fun way to advertise your specials!  It grabs people's attention and draws them into your place.